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Overview on Anvarol

Anvarol is the safe and legal steroid mainly used in the cutting cycle to increase endurance levels and physical stamina. The steroid is banned so now you can get the safer versions from Crazy Bulk who promises incredible results. You can experience the actual effects of Anvarol within some weeks with no risk guaranteed.

My Story

I am 20 years old male and my name is Michael.

Unlike many university grade students, I spent too little time at school and most at the gym.

For the starters, I am a fitness freak, I have used so many tactics and supplements for mass gain and so far the results have been positive.

When it comes to using potent steroids, there is something you should know; they are very risky especially for men.

Some of the very powerful steroids like Winsol or Anavar are known to bring sexual challenges in men like erectile dysfunction upon long-term use.

My story begins when I got a bulk after 2 years of exercise with 2-3 different supplements combined.

The time was to experience cutting phase, which people call very exhilarating when it comes to increasing the stamina of your body.

Anvarol has been used by many men in my gym from which they have got pretty impressive physique and that was the reason I thought to give it a try.

So, What Is Anvarol?

Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid which is used by patients with osteoporosis, bone pain and history of extreme weight loss.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol reviews

This chemical compound tends to increase protein synthesis, which increases muscle growth, lean body mass, and bone mineral density.

Anvarol is the product of Crazy Bulk which they refer to as legal steroid.

It is one of the pure combinations of herbal ingredients that eliminate every chance of danger.

I have been watching the sharp-edged men at the gym who have been using Anvarol for over a year and they haven’t reported any kind of side effects.

You can also google the info about Anavar and see how widely it was used by bodybuilders once!

What Is It For?

Anvarol is for those men who have gained enough mass and now it’s time for them to undergo cutting cycle.

Those who are looking for physical advantages in sports like high-grade stamina and enhanced endurance level can take benefits from the Anvarol formula.

It’s an ideal weight loss supplement if you use it along with a proper set of exercise which delivers results within days.

For a ripped and physical strength, Anvarol can be the supplement of choice

How Anvarol Works?

Anvarol helps your body by boosting the level of Phosphocreatine which is an ATP stimulator.

ATP is an unlimited supply of energy required by your skeletal and muscular system during any physical performance.

The more ATP your body generates, the more pleasant your cutting cycle would be.

Continuous energy supply will burn extra fats dwelling on your muscles and stops water retention, which transforms your flabby mass into the ripped body.

When the level of Phosphocreatine rises in your body, it will deliver the following outcomes.

  1. Proper fat obliteration by boosting up the metabolism of the body which accelerates the process of lipolysis that breaks down fats in your body instead of storing it.
  2. Increase vascularity which minimizes water retention, this will change the bloated appearance of your body.
  3. Supply an incredible amount of energy in every physical task given, from working out to making out with your partner
  4. Develop muscle fibers in your body and preserve hard-earned muscle while cutting.

Anvarol Ingredients

The best thing about Anvarol is its ingredients.

With a precise quantity, the Anvarol contains basic protein isolates and herbal extracts that increase the delivery of these protein contents.

Anvarol ingredients

Comparing the ingredients of Anvarol with other legal steroids will show you the remarkable difference in terms of efficacy and product’s safety standards.

1 ) Soy Protein Isolate

Purified isolate, contains about 90% protein used to reshape the mass texture in men.

Unlike the majority of protein, it doesn’t cause distress in the digestive system and improves the moisture retention.

2) Adenosine Triphosphate ATP

ATP fulfills the energy demand of your body by increasing the muscle contractility.

Continuous contraction of muscles can lead you to achieve never-ending stamina and great physical power.

This will also help the body’s natural process to form its own ATP, which prolongs the cutting reps during a workout.

The scientific research about the ingredients shows that it actually enhances the level of phosphocreatine which improves the health of joints, bones, and heart.

3) Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein increases the absorption rate of protein by the muscles in a quick time possible.

It improves the lean definition of a muscle and it is also good for faster recovery time, which soothes the muscle pain upon vigorous workout.


Branched Chain Amino Acid helps your body create protein in different ways.

There are 3 main kinds of BCAA which are mentioned below:

  1. Leucine
  2. Iso-Leucine
  3. Valine

BCAA offers numerous advantages to bodybuilders; it combats the muscle soreness, increases the formation of muscle fibers with 100% protein content and improves bodybuilding skills.

5) Wild Yam Root

Wild Yam Root has many benefits like to improve muscle definition and lean mass retention, but the most important function is to improve sex drive in men.

Anvarol adds Wild Yam Root not only for its sex-enhancing traits, but it is also beneficial to weaker bones, women with menopause and RA (rheumatoid arthritis).

Anvarol Cycle

The recommended duration for Anvarol cycle is about 8 weeks, after which user must take 1.5 weeks off.

There are also recommendations for adding more legal supplements to your Anvarol cutting cycle, such as Testo-Max and Clenbuterol for maximum results.

My Anvarol cycle was of 8 weeks duration in which I only used Anvarol with lots of exercises and a healthy diet.

If the 2-month cycle of Anvarol doesn’t give you any outcomes, stretch the duration of 3 months.

Dosage – How to Use Anvarol?

A single bottle of Anvarol contains 90 capsules, which is your 1 month’s supply.

Talking about 2 months, well you have to purchase 2 bottles for that of if you are looking forward to Anvarol 12 week cycle, 3 bottles are what you must get.

Before 30 minutes of the workout, take 2 capsules of Anvarol with water.

You can take the rest before going to sleep, I mean that’s what I did and it surely worked.

Anvarol Results

Before sharing my Anvarol results I would like to highlight the fact that using Anvarol for 2 months was quite enough for me.

I don’t see any need for stretching the time period of 3 months because the effects started to appear within the very first week.

I used Anvarol for 2 months and here is my result.

Anvarol Cycle – 1st Week

I know about the effects of steroid because I have been using many.

The starting of the first week starts with a pure burst of energy after I took 3 capsules at once before getting into the gym.

Not to mention I felt very energetic and mentally awake, and it helped me execute the reps properly.

Anvarol results

You will only feel a wave of energy at the very first week, after which the real show kicks in.

Anvarol Cycle – 3rd Week

At the start of the 3rd week, I noticed some fat disappearance at so many places and my muscles are becoming tighter.

The supply of energy is tremendous that helps me stay longer at the gym.

I never stayed at the gym more than an hour and now I do 2 hours non-stop workout.

My sex drive is aroused and I have become slightly better at staying late during sex.

No sign of side effects although.

Anvarol Cycle – 6th Week

It is true what they say about Anvarol, you only need a proper set of work out which is sufficient enough.

Within 6 weeks of Anvarol use, I noticed my arms and wings are becoming ripped with less or no fat mass.

My cutting cycle has started to pay me off by re-shaping my body figure.

I used to weight 190 lbs before I shred it down to 170 lbs. Impressive huh!

My strength levels are off the chart and my body has the power to withstand tougher and longer workouts.

Anvarol Results – 8th Week

I am talking about the end of 8th week, as you can see the difference I brought in my body is totally awe-inspiring.

Anvarol before and after

With proper body cuts, I lost about 20 lbs of fats that flushes out the toxins from my body.

I feel mentally focused, physically active plus my sex drive is giving me an advantage among females.

Overall I got the following results with Anvarol 8-weeks cycle.

  • Increased strength and power
  • Improved muscles definition
  • Effective weight loss
  • Increased muscle size
  • Long lasting stamina
  • Empower sex organ
  • Retain energy in your body to execute tougher physical tasks
  • Dosage is easier to take
  • You don’t need a doctor’s prescription for that
  • I got 20% off from their official site

Anvarol for Females

Crazy Bulk is the first legal steroid retailers who supply the natural steroid that can also be used by women.

There are hundreds of female reviews about Anvarol telling how they got ripped and lost pounds, which contributes to achieving healthier and smart physique.

What I am thinking is to give it to my girlfriend and see how it would go.

Anvarol Availability

Q1: Anvarol Amazon

You can find the real Anavar from Amazon, but when it comes to the legal steroids, sorry to say, but Amazon is not going to help you with this.

Neither the other sources like GNC or Walmart.

It is possible you will find other alternatives of Anavar, but not the Anvarol since it is the property of Crazy Bulk.

Bottom line: Anvarol is not available currently in GNC or Amazon.

Where to Buy Anvarol Online?

If you don’t know about the official Crazy Bulk site, I don’t know what you are doing here.

Buy Anvarol online

In order to buy Anvarol online, you have to visit the official page of Crazy Bulk, the only place you can find Anvarol (of genuine quality).

Beware of those sources who offer you Anvarol in cheaper rates for they surely will be a scam.

There are other benefits of purchasing Anvarol from official Crazy Bulk, you can get discounts, extra help in planning dietary regimen and other important knowledge about the product.

Final Thoughts about Anvarol

My personal review about Anvarol is mostly about positive feedback that I admit. But you always have to see the positive side of the story, don’t you?

Yes, there are plenty of supplements available in the market, but here is what makes Anvarol a legit supplement for cutting cycle.

  • There is clinical evidence available about every ingredient in Anvarol
  • There are no side effects
  • You can avail money back guarantee

Anvarol customers worldwide after using it feeling positive about their cutting cycle and their positive reviews are everywhere.

In my opinion, starting your cutting cycle with Anvarol only can help you get the real taste of legal steroids and their exact effects.

I am 100% confidence about the results and hope to use other legal alternatives by Crazy Bulk in the future.


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